When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, those of us left behind experience a wide range of emotions including shock, overwhelming sadness, guilt, anger, and even relief. Itís a confusing time and a situation with which most of us have very little experience.

Death is a time to honor your familyís traditions, culture, and religious beliefs. These rituals provide a great deal of comfort. They help us come to terms with the reality of death and provide the foundation from which healing can begin.

There are also a number of practical tasks to address. You need to contact family and friends. You need to arrange for transport and care of your loved oneís body. You need to plan for a memorial or funeral service or follow the pre-plan your loved one has provided. You need to contact employers, health insurance and life insurance companies, tax preparers, various government agencies, and you need to settle the estate.

Hoyt Funeral Home is here to help. We have the experience you need and are committed to supporting you throughout the process. Please contact us. Our website provides information on our services as well as additional resources you may find helpful.

Planning a Meaningful Tribute