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Some History

You may know that cremation has been a method of preparing a personís mortal remains for final disposition for centuries. Cremation probably dates back as far as 4000 B.C. and is practiced throughout the world. In Roman times, cremation was reserved only for those who had wealth, while in many Asian countries, cremation was almost the exclusive form of disposition.

State Rules & Regulations

What you may not know is that the State of Connecticut specifies that a person may not be cremated until a 48-hour waiting period has passed and a medical examiner has authorized the cremation process. In addition, although many crematories do not require a casket for cremation, most all require the use of an alternative container (a container for holding the deceased usually made of fiber board and particle board with no liner). In Connecticut,a funeral home may rent a casket for the purpose of a viewing and a funeral. The liner is then removed and cremated leaving the shell of the casket for re-use.

Hoyt Cremation Services

At Hoyt Funeral Home, we offer multiple cremation services, from basic to traditional. We are here to help you make the cremation decision that is right for you and your family. You can be as involved in the cremation service as you would like. Some faiths feel that being part of the service is a religious necessity. Others realize a sense of closure during the cremation. Whatever your wishes, we will accommodate them to the best of our ability.

For those who choose cremation, there is an extra sense of comfort knowing that your loved one will remain in our custody at all times.Thatís because Hoyt Funeral Home uses a local crematorium, which adds convenience, security, and flexibility.

Here's a representative list of Hoyt's cremation options:

  • Simple†Direct Cremation: An alternative container without services or visitation.

  • Basic Direct Cremation: A casket selected from the Hoyt showroom without services or visitation.

  • Traditional Funeral Service: A casket present for visitation, a funeral service in our chapel or at a place of worship, followed by cremation, with burial of cremated remains to follow at a later date in a cemetery, scattering, or family retention.

  • Remembrance Service: No casket present. Cremation followed by a memorial service held in our chapel or place of worship or any other significant location with an urn present, followed by burial in a cemetery, scattering, or family retention.

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